Xe máy chuyên dùng là gì? Xe máy chuyên dùng có được tham gia giao thông?

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Motorcycle is a popular means of transport in our country, usually, we only know about motorbikes and motorbikes. However, there is another type of vehicle that needs to be mentioned, which is a special-use motorcycle, so many people are still very vague about this type of vehicle. So, what is a special-use motorbike? Are special-use motorbikes allowed to join the traffic? Order and procedures for granting a certificate of registration and number plate of a special-use motorcycle for the first time?

Legal grounds

– Law on Road Traffic 2008;

– Circular No. 20/2010/TT-BGTVT dated July 30, 2010 of the Minister of Transport promulgating regulations on granting, changing and withdrawing registration and number plates of special-use motorbikes participating in traffic. Road;

– Circular No. 76/2004/TT-BTC dated July 29, 2004 of the Ministry of Finance guiding the collection and payment regime, management and use of fees and charges in the field of road traffic.

1. What is a dedicated motorcycle?

Pursuant to Clause 20, Article 3 of the 2008 Road Traffic Law stipulates: “Special-use vehicles include construction motorcycles, agricultural and forestry motorcycles and other special vehicles used for national defense and security purposes and participate in road traffic..”

Due to the specificity, these specialized motorcycles are used infrequently in daily life. This is also one of the reasons that very few people know the concept of what a special-use motorcycle is.

2. What is a dedicated motorbike in English?

Specialized motorbikes translated into English means Specialized motorbike

“Special-use motorbikes include construction motorcycles, agricultural and forestry motorbikes and other special vehicles used for national defense and security purposes, participating in road traffic.”

3. What are the types of special-use motorbikes?

Currently, according to state regulations, special-use vehicles include 3 types:

  • Group of construction motorbikes: is a vehicle used in construction, including vehicles such as: excavators, bulldozers, graders, rollers, concrete mixers, asphalt watering machines, road surface cleaning machines, and scraping machines. road surface…
  • Group of agricultural – forestry motorcycles: are vehicles used in agriculture and forestry, including: tractors specializing in using wheels or tractors specializing in crawlers…
  • Group of special-use motorcycles used in the field of police, national defense – security: A large displacement vehicle used by police and military personnel in the process of performing their duties.

4. Are special-use motorbikes allowed to join the traffic?

Special-use motorbikes may participate in traffic if they fully meet the conditions below.

For vehicle drivers

Criteria for each individual when using special purpose motorbike has been clearly stipulated in Article 62 of the Road Traffic Law 2008, which stipulates that the driver of one of special vehicles When participating in traffic, the following conditions must be met:

  • Enough age
  • Having health suitable for each occupation
  • Certificate of training in knowledge of road traffic law
  • A license or certificate of special-use motorcycle operator issued by a training institution for special-use motorcycle drivers.
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In addition, drivers of special-use motorbikes when participating in traffic must carry the following papers:

– Vehicle registration;

– Certificate of fostering knowledge of road traffic law, diploma or certificate of operating special-use motorbikes;

– Certificate of technical safety and environmental protection for special-use motorcycles specified in Article 57 of the Road Traffic Law 2008.

– For special-use motorbikes

  • Ensure the regulations on quality, technical safety and environmental protection such as: Having enough effective braking system; Have effective navigation system; There are lights;…
  • Having registration and mounting number plates issued by competent state agencies.
  • Operating within the prescribed range, ensuring the safety of people, vehicles and road works when moving.
  • The production, assembly, renovation, repair and import of special-use motorcycles must comply with regulations on quality, technical safety and environmental protection.

5. Order and procedures for first-time issuance of Certificate of registration and number plate of special-use motorbike:

The order of execution:

– Organizations and individuals submit dossiers to the Department of Transport.

– The Department of Transport receives and checks the application and guides the completion of the application (if necessary); write an appointment letter to inspect special-use motorbikes and return the results of special-use motorbike registration.

How to perform:

– Submit application directly at the Department of Transport.

Composition, number of records:

a) Dossier composition:

– Declaration for grant of registration of special-use motorbikes, made according to the form (original);

– Documents confirming the ownership of special-use motorbikes (1);

– Certificate of origin for special-use motorbikes (2);

– Registration fee voucher (3);

– In case the owner loses one of the papers determining the origin of a special-use motorbike, he must submit an additional commitment according to the form (the original).

b) Number of dossiers: 01 (set).

Deadline for settlement:

– 15 working days from the date of receipt of complete dossiers as prescribed.

Subjects implementing administrative procedures: Organizations, individuals.

Agency implementing administrative procedures:

a) The agency competent to decide: Department of Transport;

b) Agency or authorized person or authorized person to implement (if any): None;

c) Direct implementing agency: Department of vehicle and driver management under the Department of Transport or an agency authorized by the Department of Transport;

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d) Coordinating agency: None.

Outcomes of administrative procedures:

– Certificate of registration of special-use motorbikes and number plates.

Fees and charges:

– Fee for granting registration and number plate: 150,000 VND/issue.

Application form name:

– Declaration of registration of special-use motorbikes;

– Declaration sheet on special-use motorbike records.

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Requirements for the implementation of the TCC:

– Persons who carry out registration procedures must present their identity cards or passports for inspection. The authorized person must have a power of attorney from the owner as prescribed by law or the representative of the organization must have a letter of introduction from that organization.


(1) A document confirming the ownership of a special-use vehicle is one of the following documents:

– Decision or purchase and sale contract with invoice according to regulations of the Ministry of Finance (original);

– Papers for sale, giving or giving, made according to the form specified in Appendix 3 of the Circular No. 20/2010/TT-BGTVT dated July 30, 2010 of the Minister of Transport promulgating the Regulations on the grant, exchange and collection of documents. re-registration, number plate of special-use motorcycles participating in road traffic (original or certified true copy);

– Inheritance documents as prescribed by law (original or notarized copy);

– The financial lessor’s written consent for the lessee to register the ownership rights (original);

– Decision on receiving aid issued by a competent authority (original or certified true copy);

– Document for commercial sale as prescribed by law (original or certified copy);

– Export order of the National Reserve. In case the shipment order includes many special-use motorbikes, each vehicle must have a certified copy.

In case of buying and selling or giving or giving gifts through many people, when completing registration procedures, only the last purchase, donation or donation voucher is needed.

(2) Certificate of origin for special-use motorcycles:

– For special-use motorbikes manufactured and assembled in the country, the proof of origin is the factory quality inspection note of the manufacturer (the original;

– For imported special-use motorbikes, the proof of origin is the declaration of imported goods according to the form prescribed by the Ministry of Finance (the original or a certified true copy);

– For modified special-use motorcycles, in addition to the documents specified in Clause 1 or Clause 2 of this Article, there must be a record of factory acceptance test of the facility licensed to be renovated. In case of replacement of the engine block, the chassis must have a proof of purchase and sale of the machine or the replacement chassis. If the replacement engine and chassis are used from registered special-use motorcycles, there must be a declaration of deregistration according to the form prescribed in Appendix 4 of this Circular (the documents mentioned above). above is the original);

– For special-use motorbikes without lawful origin that have been handled by a competent authority, a decision on handling must be made in accordance with law (the original or a certified copy).

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(3) Registration fee documents:

Proof of payment or exemption of registration fee payment according to regulations of the Ministry of Finance. In case many vehicles share a registration fee payment receipt, each special-use motorbike must have a certified copy.

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6. Application form for registration of special-use motorbikes:


Independence – Freedom – Happiness


Owner’s name:… ID card or passport number:…

Date and place of issue:…

Permanent address:…

Name of co-owner (if any):…ID number or passport:…

Date and place of issue:..

Permanent address:…

Type of special-use motorcycle:…Paint color:…

Brand (brand, model):…Capacity: …

Country of manufacture:…Year of manufacture:…

Engine number:…Frame number:…

Bag size (length x width x height): …Weight:…

Attached documents, including:

Number of documents

Excerpts from content

Place of issue of documents

Date Range

Number of pages

The above information is correct, if it is wrong, I will take responsibility before the law.

Request the Department of Transport … to consider granting registration and number plates for the special-use motorcycle declared above

… , day month Year…

The declaration signed

The record of the Department of Transport:

(Stick the engine number) (Paste the chassis number)

* Only paste the engine number of the main machine

– First time registration – Lost original documents

– Old license plate number: (if any): … License plate requested for issuance: …

Procedures officer Head of Department approves Director

(Signature, full name) (Signature, full name) (Signature, stamp)

*Note: – Mark “x” in the corresponding boxes;

– The power item is recorded according to the technical file of the main engine;

– Officials who carry out procedures must cross-sign the position where the engine number and chassis number are pasted.

7. Form of commitment sheet on application for registration of special-use motorbikes:


Independence – Freedom – Happiness


Owner’s name:…

Permanent address:…

ID number or passport number:…

Date and place of issue…

I am currently the owner of a special-use motorcycle with the following characteristics:

Type of special-use motorcycle:… Paint color…

Brand (brand, model):… Capacity…

Country of manufacture: …Year of manufacture…

Engine number:…Frame number…

Bag size (length x width x height):…Weight…

True or not with the declaration of registration, license plate of specialized motorbikes:…

My application for registration and number plate lacks the following documents:

1. Lost Certificate of Origin or Certificate of Registration


2. Loss of papers included in the dossier as follows:





Please confirm the above statement and take responsibility before the law for the declared content.

……, day month Year……

Vehicle owner

( Sign, write full name)

* Note: The commitment is made in 02 copies: The owner of special-use motorbike keeps 01 copy: The Department of Transport keeps 01 copy of the application for registration.

Above is the content of advice on what special-use motorcycles are and related regulations. . If you have questions about detailed content, please contact Le Hong Phong High School for support

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