Trạng lường là ai? Vì sao lại gọi là Trạng Lường

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Trang Luong is a familiar name of Vietnamese people, a name given to the multi-talented math mandarin of Vietnam. However, not everyone knows exactly who Trang Luong is. Here, Le Hong Phong High School together with you find out who is Trang Luong? Why is it called Status Luong?

Who is Trang Luong?

Luong The Vinh(1442 - ) - Historical Figure.

Luong The Vinh (also known as Trang Luong, nickname Thuy Hien) was born on August 17, 1441, in a peasant family in Son Nam town (now Nam Dinh). From a young age, he was famous for his wide education, high talent, self-introspection, creating many games as well as the way he could catch many fish and catch many birds. He was a mathematician, Buddhist, and early Le politician. He passed poinsettias under the reign of Le Thanh Tong and served as an official at the Academy. He is best known for his works in the fields of mathematics, culture and Buddhism. He is also known as one of the 28 poets of the Tao Dan Society founded by King Le Thanh Tong in 1495. Thanks to his ability in mathematics and measurement, he was later called by the people Trang Luong when he passed poinsettias. .

Legend of the birth of Luong The Vinh

Son Nam folk also handed down two anecdotes about the birth of Luong The Vinh. Legend has it that Queen Mother Ngo Thi Ngoc Dao, while pregnant with King Le Thanh Tong, dreamed of going to heaven. She saw that God sent the bronze fairy down to be the king of the South, and the fairy asked for another good servant to help her. God appointed a general but that general refused, God got angry and pressed hard on the shoulder and forced to accept the order.

Luong The Vinh

After Le Thanh Tong ascended the throne, the Queen Mother told the king a strange dream. At the exam, Quy Mui (1463) Luong The Vinh passed poinsettias, when he entered the audience, the king saw that his shoulder was dislocated, so he told this story to the Queen Mother.

The empress dowager called Luong The Vinh to see his face and saw that it was indeed the person he had met in his dream. She happily told the king, this is the servant that God sent. Since then, Le Thanh Tong has trusted and respected Luong The Vinh’s talent.

The second story is recorded in the book Kien Van Tieu Luc Le Quy Don’s work is even more thrilling, claiming that Luong The Vinh is the star Van Khuc descended from the sky to the South.

Multi-talented status quo

After passing the exam, Luong The Vinh worked as a mandarin for 32 years, famous for his integrity and integrity. He worked at the Academy, promoted to the position of the Academy, the head of the Academy.

When working as a mandarin, Luong The Vinh commented on the situation of officials and emphasized: It is up to the mandarins to be quiet or chaotic. He also suggested to the king, need to investigate to see right and wrong, firmly grasp the mandarins, have firmly grasped the mandarins, then it is infallibility, evil can be removed, all people will be thanks.

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Luong The Vinh is famous for his mathematical talent. He compiled the book Dai Thanh Mathematical Law, which is considered the first math textbook in our country. During Luong The Vinh’s time, the calculation tools in Vietnam were very poor and rudimentary. At that time, people mainly calculated by “clicking the knuckles”, or using a string with knots as a counting tool. He invented the abacus for the Vietnamese people, at first made of earth, then of bamboo, of wood, painted in different colors, beautiful and easy to remember.

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More interestingly, the mathematician Alexei Volko used the language of modern mathematics to interpret the operations in the Great Mathematicum. Accordingly, Dai Thanh Mathematical Law includes operations, algorithms and numerical results. The content of the problems includes, square and difference, calculate area and volume, similar triangles…

In addition to being famous as a mathematician, he is also famous as a religious and art researcher with many valuable works such as Hy ward pha Luc (study of Cheo), Zen subject of science (also known as Thich Dian). Didactic).

Poinsettias Luong The Vinh died at home on August 26, the year of the Dragon (1496), at the age of 55. When he died, King Le Thanh Tong mourned and wrote a poem crying for Trang:

Shine the letter from God last night
Live a life program at home
Pick up a few items about the jade cave
The holy sage three cups wet the flower soul
Qi Tian has collected music again
The strange name is still passed on to the country
Hide your fingers like that
Who to take as the State of our Southern country?

Honest and tough official

During the process of being a mandarin, Luong The Vinh commented on the situation of officials and emphasized: peace or chaos is up to the mandarins. Also from that, Luong The Vinh suggested to the king that it is necessary to analyze right and wrong, firmly grasp the mandarins, have firmly grasped the mandarins, then the infallibility, the people will be asked. In the year of Dinh Hoi (1467), when King Le Thanh Tong had just entered the bureaucracy, the academic officer Luong The Vinh had three times presented a report to denounce the bribe-takers, those who relied on their power. In January, the year of Dinh Hoi (1467), Luong The Vinh saw that the supervisor Ngu Chu received bribes to tolerate the crimes, he reported to the king, Le Thanh Tong ordered the arrest of that person.

salary history
salary history

At the bar, the soldiers found him alone, forcing him to carry a stretcher. He calmly carried the stretcher without saying anything. Carrying a mile of road, when he came out of the village to meet a marketer, he quickly called out: Hey, Uncle, you come back to Van Cat to report to Tham Hoa to replace me to carry a stretcher for the district mandarin – the Tham Hoa Van village. Cat is Luong The Vinh’s student who passed the Mau Tuat faculty, under the Hong Duc dynasty (1478). The district official was dreaming in the hammock, hearing him say that, knowing that he was the official Luong The Vinh, quickly jumped from the stretcher to the ground, bowed his head and begged for me to be spared. Luong The Vinh strictly taught, from now on, he must not torture people like this anymore. The district officials thanked him and invited him to sit on the stretcher and carry him home by himself. Luong The Vinh waved his hand to refuse.

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Luong The Vinh is still known as Trang Luong. The reason is because from an early age, he proved to be very good at measuring. When he passed the official position, he wrote a book titled “Dai Thanh Mathematica” to summarize the computational knowledge of that time and his own inventions. Luong The Vinh wrote the title, stating the purpose of the book as follows:

“Before the time to tell how to measure
Calculating the decimal in multiplication
Knowledge of all things glorious
Learn to help the holy king!”

Legend has it that when he was a child, once, Luong The Vinh and his friends sat under an old tree to cool off. They challenged each other to know how tall – short trees. Some believe that the only way is to climb to the top of a tree, then use a rope to measure the ground. Particularly, Luong The Vinh said that without climbing, standing on the ground can still be measured. He took the club in his hand to measure how long it was, then raised the club on the ground and measured the length of the ball. Next he measured the tree’s shadow and after a moment of calculation, he found the height of the tree. The children did not believe, so they connected the stone with ropes, tied the stone below, and then climbed up to the top of the tree and roped it down to the ground to measure. The result, exactly as Vinh calculated.

Today, the way to calculate the height of the tree that Luong The Vinh has applied, surely our students are not surprised. But nearly 5 centuries ago, when in Europe the number of people who understood the Pythagorean theorem about the side of a right triangle was only counting on their fingers, Luong The Vinh found the ratio of the height of a tree to the height of a tree. The stick is equal to the ratio of their ball on the ground, is an invention, showing that our country in the 15th century had a talented mathematician.

When he reached adulthood, Luong The Vinh once came to a river, saw a few people discussing how to measure the width of the river to bridge. That day, the river was very big and fast, so it was impossible to swim across. Luong The Vinh then commented:

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– No need to cross the river to do anything. Find me some stakes, I’ll measure them for you.

At first, people thought he was joking and didn’t believe him. But after only a moment of driving the stake, observing and calculating, he told them how wide the river was. It turned out that from that time, Luong The Vinh knew the knowledge of similar triangles…

Another time, the Ming delegation came to our country. King Le Thanh Tong sent former state lord Luong The Vinh to welcome him. The head of the delegation Minh, who heard that the Vietnamese poinsettia was not only famous for literature, but also a scholarly scholar in science, asked:

– Are you the author of the book “Dai Thanh Mathematical Law”?

Luong The Vinh showed modesty and replied:

– Yes, that’s right!

At that time, an elephant was pulling up wood from the river, the Chinese porcelain challenged:

– Can the state judge how much the elephant weighs?

– It’s OK!

Finished, Luong The Vinh took the scale, tattooed and went to the river to weigh the elephant.

The Chinese Ambassador laughed and said:

– Just look at the official scale, only enough to weigh an elephant’s tail!”

– Then divide the elephant into several pieces to weigh.

Luong The Vinh replied, sober.

The Chinese ambassador scoffed again:

– Are you going to slaughter elephants? Remember my part of the liver!

Luong The Vinh did not answer. He ordered his soldiers to take the elephants down to the abandoned boat and tie them ashore. The elephant was heavy, the boat sank deep into the water. He again ordered to mark the water’s edge on the side of the boat, then led the elephant up. Then he ordered the soldiers to carry stones and put them in the boat, until the boat sank to the marked water level. Then the state had the north weigh all the stones in the boat and said to the Minh porcelain:

– Here, the elephant you point, weighs this much!

elephant scales

Although the Chinese ambassador was already recovering in his stomach, he still pretended to be unconvinced, wanted to test his skills more, so he tore a piece of paper in a thick book and handed it to the state with a ruler, asking how thick the paper was. much.

The situation is really awkward. The paper is too thin, and the divisions on the medium-sized ruler are not clear. But with flexible intelligence, Luong The Vinh immediately thought of how to measure. He borrowed the book from the Chinese porcelain, measured the thickness of the whole book, then divided it by the number of sheets and found the answer, before the admiring eyes of the Ming embassy.

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