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Who is To Mang?

To Mang is known as the editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Born in 1971, graduated from China Academy of Music, in 1994, she entered the fashion world as a magazine writer. In 2000, she founded “TRENDS HEALTH”, becoming China’s first fashion publishing house. In 2001, she partnered with international Harper’s Bazaar magazine to open the Harper’s Bazaar China empire.

During his years of operation, To Mang successfully opened one more activity “Bazaar Charity Night” starting in 2003, bringing together the top stars of China to participate in charity activities. With his influence, To Mang is expected to surpass Truong Vu (Editor of Vogue China).

Perhaps there would be no need to talk about To Mang’s influence. This powerful woman is respected by Pham Bang Bang, husband and wife Huynh Xiaoming – Angela Baby, Ly Bang Bang, etc. She is also the person behind the success of a series of ravishing images of Chinese stars on Harper’s Bazaar. Wedding Song Joong Ki – Song Hye Kyo invited only 2 representatives from Cbiz, To Mang and Zhang Ziyi, showing the influence and power of this woman.

To Mang - a powerful U50 woman in the fashion world of Cbiz
To Mang – a powerful U50 woman in the fashion world of Cbiz

To Mang quit his job

On March 31, the “female ghost” from the lower floor of Thuong Thuong Group made it to this General Director and submitted a resignation letter to the company.

Is the truth true as in the resignation letter To Mang said “Want to take care of a healthy family”? It is noteworthy that, right before the day that the Trendy media officially announced the news of To Mang’s resignation, Thuong Thuong Group had a great deal of personnel.

Someone revealed that on March 10, among To Mang’s friends, there was indeed 1 news about his mother’s illness. But whether this is a reason for leaving, or a pre-existing excuse, is difficult to know.

Before that, the first time To Mang led to a hot discussion was the Bazaar Star Charity Night in September last year. That night, To Mang wore a white suit, held a microphone, and stood on the stage to direct the stars to take pictures together. Suddenly, Truong Thieu Ham stood in the middle of the stage at the position called “C”, To Mang was so urgent that he shouted “Thieu Ham squat down a bit”, Truong Thieu Ham did not move. MC Hoa Thieu was embarrassed to stand on one side, and he was interrupted several times by To Mang. It was very hard to get on stage, To Mang looked around to see if anyone was not standing well, many times his hair almost fell on the face of Luu Gia Linh who was standing next to him, it was very difficult. After the video was made public, it led to a series of satires.

Finally, after taking the photo, this is the case, To Mang stood in the middle of the star cluster excitedly saying: “You will witness a photo of the great star together but will never have the opportunity to see it again in history. “. Now that To Mang is gone, it is considered as a sentence of thunder!

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From a small editor with no reputation, to a “big woman” shouting rain and wind in the world, To Mang only used 6 years. In 1994, holding a diploma from the Chinese Academy of Music, To Mang searched everywhere for work at magazines, and faced many obstacles. Finally, she entered the house at 54 Xi Pei Dong Dan small street in Beijing, at that time the magazine “Fashion” had only been published for 1 year, the company only had a total of 7 people including her. At this time, there was no Groupization, only this magazine, worth 10 yuan, and a month’s salary of ordinary people only a few hundred yuan, To Mang was no exception.

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After 3 years of working, she bought an LV handbag “looked at for at least 1 year”, spending more than 7 months of her salary. “I discovered, the subjects I interviewed, the people I admire, each has an LV. At that time, I had the first big goal in my life — when I have money, I will definitely buy the LV” – To Mang once said when he received an interview from “Lou Du with an appointment”

At first, Thuong Thuong magazine was like a troubadour, To Mang not only went to get news and edited, but also had to go to the kitchen to cook rice early in the morning. The company is short of money, and advertising the goods is also run by her. Every day, she rides her bicycle through Beijing’s main streets and alleys, stubbornly looking for advertising clients. Once, in order to exchange a credit card advertisement, in the cold winter in Beijing, she cycled from East San Hoan to West San Hoan, finding the advertiser’s headquarters. After being rejected, To Mang bravely blocked the door several times, flipped through each magazine for the other party to see, and finally got the contract. “If I don’t get the contract, I will jump upstairs” has become the story of struggle she likes to share with her colleagues at first.

Whether it’s been criticized by netizens for being “not elegant enough” for many years, or because the event “autumn pants” was nicknamed “Pants for collection”, you have to admit, from a certain point of view, To Mang is a model of striving to build a career with two empty hands.

A few years later, the magazine grew bigger and bigger, gradually developing into the Trendy media group it is today. In 2001, To Mang group cooperated with the world famous fashion magazine “Harper’s BAZAAR”, started the magazine “BAZAAR Fashion”, taking on the position of Editor-in-Chief.

To Mang’s opportunity has come. From here, she also had a disagreement with the former first curator of “COSMO Fashion” – Tu Nguyet.

“Fashion COSMO” is a gold brand, a symbol of power or the most status of Trendy Group in the first few years of the 21st century, but Tu Nguy’s influence and reputation in the fashion world is not the same. Latecomers like “Fashion BAZAAR” and To Mang can match. However, with that luck, plus To Mang’s “dangerous three-way” working style, not long after founding “BAZAAR Fashion” has firmly surpassed “COSMO Fashion” managed by Tu Nguyen, became the leading magazine of Trendy Group, and founded “Treasure BAZAAR”, “Art BAZAAR” of all kinds of sub-magazines. And To Mang, after 2 years of publication, successfully arranged “BAZAAR Charity Night”, becoming an important annual event in the world of celebrities and fashion. For a moment, the star kept going back and forth beside To Mang.

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In December 2015, Trendy Media Group announced an urgent notice, announcing the dismissal of the management member of the General Director of “Fashion COSMO” – Tu Nguy. At that time, many journalists reported related news, all pointing to one event —- before losing his position, Tu Nguy had a fierce conflict with To Mang.

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In January 2016, the event progressed, and Tu Nguy was once again appointed as Vice President of the brand group of Thuong Thuong Group, the subject of this position directly reports to President Luu Luu. Jiang. From the outside, it seems that Tu Nguy was promoted this time, but someone anonymously revealed that Tu Nguy did not hold any real power, just an empty position.

Thinking of To Mang himself, it was like a fish meeting water in a building that this friend could not even hide in time! She does not hide her “value” along with a passionate love of fame and profit. In a letter “Fashion Gypsy”, To Mang wrote: “I always praise fashion, just as I always praise the desire to enjoy material things.”

Again, when she was young, Hong Hoang was very pretty.

After returning home, Hong Hoang became the CEO of China Interactive Media Group, founding “Ilook Urban World”. The “Ilook” style is so magical, in so many ways the pursuit of equality, even sometimes the magazine cover is chosen by the readers, extremely arbitrary.

Regarding making money, Hong Hoang’s attitude is also different from To Mang’s. 25 years old Hong Hoang has money and ability, but feeling happy is more important than making money, after all, coming from class privileges, building a career with two empty hands like To Mang cannot be compared with the basic Lack of money, free-spirited like Hong Hoang.

Over the years, Hong Hoang has repeatedly mocked and provoked To Mang on weibo, freely commenting, and To Mang’s Weibo page has never mentioned Hong Hoang.

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Last spring, To Mang and Hong Hoang both attended a dinner party organized by Dang Van Dich, then To Mang posted a photo together on weibo. @male and female owners, Li Bang Bang, Truong Han and Luong Trieu Huy, call them “good friends”. But Truong Han and Hong Hoang were mutilated.

On the second day, Hong Hoang directly posted the full photo, and laughed and replied to netizens, the reason for being cropped was “the beauty value is not up to the standard”. Both were mutilated – Truong Han also spoke up, saying that she and Hong Hoang were laughing and chatting about Hong Hoang’s novel “Miss Zhang”

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It’s so magical! Because of the prototype of this novel “Miss Zhang”, the wise know that it is pointed directly to Su Mang!

A short passage in Hong Hoang’s novel “Zhang Xiao Da” – “autumn costume”, clearly shows the hidden satire of To Mang’s “autumn trouser event”. But To Mang himself considers it possible, after the “collective event”, when attending public meetings, he also knows how to mock himself.

A passage in this novel, alluding to To Mang once at a public event directly sat on Phan Thach Ngat’s lap, his right hand rested on the knee of a red-shirted old man … the seat also had Ma Van and Nham. Chi Cuong. But when Phan Thach Ngat was sitting on his lap by To Mang, he reached out and hugged To Mang’s waist, which was Truong Han’s husband.

So Truong Han at this time posted a weibo mentioning “Miss Truong Dai”, saying it was heartless, who believes!

The event of the autumn pants, the event of sitting on the lap, the chicken feathers on the ground of the BAZAAR charity night, for so many years, To Mang’s public image seems to be a JOKE. But, do you know how much money To Mang is?

First, To Mang quit his job but held a large amount of resources, no matter who exploited it, it was a big move. Starting from zero founded a brand new, incredibly capable fashion magazine!

In addition, To Mang has no shortage of side jobs. In 2016, To Mang and General Director of Hoa Nghi Brothers – Vuong Trung Loi, founder of Hang Tin Kim Cuong – Ly Hau Lam … A group of elders jointly invested in Asia Tinh Quang Entertainment, this company circled The first call for investment capital reached tens of millions. Huong Thuong’s professional photo shoots for the movie “Romantic is lost in history”, participating in the investment of “Phuong Hoa”, “The Devil blows the lamp”… is also on To Mang’s investment list. Huong Thuong Industrial Photo in 2017 completed the first call for investment capital of nearly one hundred million yuan

This is just one corner of the iceberg on To Mang’s investment map, according to the investigation, To Mang’s name still has 43 companies, leaving out all things related to Thong Thuong media group, at least half left.

So, no need to worry, even if people do nothing from now on, they can still live a few lives of real jade!


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