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Collection 8 word poem about love fluttering the hearts of many readers, especially young people who are immersed in happy, passionate and passionate love. Sending you the best and most profound love poems 8 words with many flavors of happiness and anger of double love.

Here are the rhymes 8 word poem about love interesting and meaningful are synthesized and selected by us to our readers. Love is a wonderful and sacred thing in this life, always appreciate the person who was by your side in the years of your youth, the difficult times and the most uncertain times in life.

Beautiful 8-word poem about life

8 word poem about love A simple, rustic life will bring many emotions to readers. Love always gives us deep emotions that cannot be expressed in words. Life would be boring without love. Please refer to the collection of love poems below to feel it

LOVE – Poetry of 8 words: Bang Lang Tim

The shadow of the moon leans in love, I don’t say it
Counting sad drops silently calling for love
A word of love I dare not say
I keep waiting for my heart to be filled with nostalgia

I love you two ways away
How many seasons have flowers bloomed along the riverside?
I wait for you to give all your love
The late night watch is empty, waiting forever and not sleeping

Deep love for each other is not enough
Blame each other more moody sad heart
I hope many of you shed tears of sorrow
The charm of the village has lost a piece of sadness that is hidden

Winter has just begun to catch the season
The fire in my heart has long since been extinguished
If only that day we didn’t know each other
The fate of the village misses this pain, I pay.

Like an Invisible Stone – 8 Word Poetry: Wild Grass, Sad Love

I remember a time when the river was empty, there were a couple
Now, the water is bringing the soil to the side of the landslide
Time goes by, I don’t remember
You and I are in debt for life.

Destiny is exhausted…I’m floating in two places
He turned his face without a word of affection
The sentence of love is also silent
When crossing the river, it is rare to return.

The pine tree is sad…is shaking the pear leaves
The riverside is also now surrounded by white sand
I’m sitting here hunched over silently
Amidst the helplessness! With the late afternoon sun.

How much I love half my life
Now there are so many sad things left
Faint love story is not strange
No more love…it’s like a stone accidentally.

The best 8 word love poem collection of all time

OVERWAY OF LOVE – 8 Word Poetry: Wild Grass, Sad Love

Losing each other and sitting and crying
The little heart hesitated as if holding its breath
Time goes by, I don’t remember
The woman who left the predestined relationship to forget the debt did not return.

Walking in the middle of a lot of berries
Silver fate unfinished vows
He turned his back on love and just split half
Constantly melancholy I stand in my shadow.

It’s unfinished… I have to shut up and keep quiet
I’m in pain even though I shed tears
The opposite love has to stay away from the face
I’m the only one who’s choking.

Embrace life forever in the middle of a dream
More questions dig deeper and more bitter
The sea water is arid but still salty
On the contrary, love always sighs and sighs.

ONE TIME ROAD – 8 Word Poetry: Wild Grass, Sad Love

Without each other, the small road is lonely
I quietly waited in the afternoon
Looking at the leaves flying…all around and hugging the ball
Worried eyes look forward to his return.

It’s been like this for a few years in the middle of the village
The side of the small neighborhood is so quiet on all sides
At the end of the night, the sound of chickens always urges
Still calling each other sad to the heart.

I’m silently waiting for the riverside
Looking for a little memory floating around
But unexpectedly on the way to diving
He forgot love… had to split the way of love.

The story of the two of us now losing all faith
I was silent… looking up the old way
Then blame yourself, love always depends
Hundred years of grace…counting painfully enough.

8-word poem about unrequited love

8 word poem about love unilaterally expressing many unrelenting torments buried in the bottom of his heart. The unrequited love with so much sadness, torment no one understands. So much bitterness, disappointment because that love comes from a one-sided person. Read and ponder the love poems below

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The best 8 word love poem collection of all time

Love, I Love One-sidedly

I only love, only one-sided love…
Love in the mind, love desperately….
Love in panic, boundless…
I love you, wasting my body…

Dream about, a loving home..
So happy, happy, passionate love….
Despite the stormy weather…
In a dream life, love you pink….

My life, is a life of wind…
Indeterminate desolation, where is the roof..
His life was a broken life…
Tears of sorrow flow, the head is foggy…

I love you, one-sided love…
Know that suffering is boring hair fade..
Nostalgia for the long night…
The cold night rain takes the form of a dream…

The misty rain of tears…
My love is silent, foolish and one-sided…

Unilateral Love – Author: Huy Hung

One-sided love is silent love
Love alone and love passionately
Missing people writhing all night long
But do not dare to speak when facing

One-sided love is love without dating
Never once gently walked side by side
Haven’t given each other even a first kiss
Not yet together to fall in love

When we meet, we only know how to look and see
Then surprised to see the person disappearing
One-sided love is knitting many desires
Building a dream building to build an attic of love

But how much do you dream but how much do you receive?
So worship in the dream world for the rest of your life
One-sided love is hopeless love
The title of the long road is only one way.
Nameless nostalgia
Nameless nostalgia sad nostalgia
Sometimes I remember each time it hurts
Unilaterally lying on a pillow

Silently remembering sorrow
Drinking alcohol in the night with nostalgia
Wandering alone through the night
People do not understand love

Nameless nostalgia sad nostalgia
“For one person”


I like you so much but I dare not say
I’m afraid that you will criticize me and refuse to look at it
Should empathize with silent suffering
Comfort yourself to ease your heartache

Know how to make your heart stop sobbing
When looking at people when it’s only fleeting
Know how to make you understand is
I miss you but you don’t know

The best 8 word love poem collection of all time

Unrequited love

No one understands my heart
He already loves someone else
How do you know that but still pursue
I love and miss you forever

I know people are still indifferent
Laughing at the wind and back in the rain
I don’t know how bitter my heart is
Send butts according to the autumn leaves.

Love Don Phuong – Author: Vangioi Nguyen

I know it’s not normal to love you
Because that love is one-sided
How many sleepless nights lie awake
About your shadow during the school day

I want to tell you plainly
Many words of nostalgia with love
I’m afraid you don’t like it but I’m forced
The tip of the tongue and the lips are so boring

Well, let’s just talk normally
Secret love is one-sided
Let the two of you look shameless
To live peacefully all the way

Unrequited love

The flowers are so beautiful, my flowers
Let the sun get jealous
So bright, oh lamp
Let the darkness of the night dazzle

So beautiful, girl
You silkworm face phoenix for him to be dumbfounded
Charming and clever grace
Let him be lonely and lonely

Unilateral – Author: Khong Trung

When I know my heart is in love with you
It’s you who choose to be alone and silent
Let nostalgia lie dormant in the frozen land
Will never see the sun tomorrow.

When you know your love story has no future
That you have worked hard to find a way to eliminate
It’s hard to love someone who doesn’t love you
Expect a lot but forever a one-sided love

When I know I love you so deeply
That you know the next day your heart will sob
Because I love you!I love you more than breathing
I blame myself for not knowing how to make you love

Talking With Loneliness

How many love poems do you write?
Why can’t you say what you love?
Always say that you know
Yet I dare not rekindle the fire of love

I don’t want to live alone
I just haven’t seen any pictures yet
Why are you so hesitant
A boy who hesitates to say love

I don’t need to say much
Just one word is what I want
The afternoon ferry does not have a river wharf
Let me wait forever

If you’re in love, don’t be indifferent
Experiencing with poems what to do
If you love, say it boldly
I’m a girl, it’s ungrateful

8 word poem about friendship

In addition to the articles 8 word poem about love then 8-word poems about friendship are also very popular with our readers. Send your friend the following super romantic love poems to express your feelings of respect and bonding.

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The best 8 word love poem collection of all time

1. An 8-word poem about good friendship: Friendship is sacred
After the joys and sorrows, we have to part
Friends, when will we meet again?
The way to me is a long road
The way back is longer than the flight

This love I carved on my hand
The palm lines are crumpled when hidden.
Where is the “friendship” road, who knows!
Hold your hand and draw a line of peace

In a far away place, when the ice is endless
I try to keep my heart warm
Even though the skin is dull, the hands are dry
Keep a smile on your face

For tomorrow, if you ever meet me
Will immediately recognize that smile
Will hear in me the burning love
Group up by years, sweet!

2. A collection of 8-word poems about friendship: One day we will look back – Dinh Thi Thu Van
Then one day we will look back

Friends, were you still together then?

Where does the whirlwind of life take you?

We looked back to find each other, I lost track!

We look back to each other, hoping to hide

Peaceful friends corner, sympathy!

I look back and lose my tired wings

Trusted friends corner, less playing with…

We look back to find each other, don’t be stoned

Don’t beat up the wild heart

Come on, don’t forget, don’t forget, don’t be away

Please forgive the wandering time!

Forgive me, my friend, bitter day

I hang around to keep my pity

Forgive the pleasures without shape

Falling in love with friends fades away…

Then there will be a day, after months of broken days

We look back together to find each other

I say love when my eyes change color

Withered hands hold for a long time to keep warm

The heart withered, the old smile withered

Just don’t lose some faith

Though fragile and broken, it’s not intact

Please have a rekindle one day…

3. Write an 8-word poem about friendship: Friendship feelings
Dear friend, even in a far away place
I never saw you leave me
When I’m happy, I also hear you laugh
When I’m in pain, I look out the window
Messages fly through the door frame
Touch me lovingly, patting me
My heart is happy to listen
Silent words you send with your thoughts.

The best 8 word love poem collection of all time

4. Top 8 best friendship poems: Friends grow up together
I grew up with my childhood
With tireless cycling paths
“Unbearably gentle” afternoons
The names are like engraved in the head.

I thought I had grown up a long time ago
Why do you dream of childhood as you grow older?
Get naive when climbing tamarind, picking crocodiles.
As a measure for a lifetime.

I’m like a person from distant years
Picking up childhood to gather reality
Practice being human with foolish things
Learn to look at the humane life like a child.

The little girl with two braids in the past.
Always look at me (it’s funny!) seriously
Did I forget, did I forget something:
A lovely home that nurtures dreams

The story of a rainy night with an unexpected ending
Endless games by the sand
Campfire night man, singer
Graduation day with tears on each other’s shoulders…

Where do I go, where do I go?
I also feel smaller than the girl with two braids
Remember my childhood and cry
And grow up…

5. The best meaningful 8-word poem about friendship
Remember to love the smell of white clothes

Memories of the day still linger

Who’s silhouette is looming under the school roof

Let this melancholy be only a problem

The day you broke up, do you remember?

Under those phoenix wings, memories do not fade

That friendship has been warm for years

Sad for people, people wandering quietly

Autumn comes, collects, and then collects again I miss my love, have I forgotten?

Innocent student time, white shirt

To enter a quiet space in your heart…

Here are the 8 word poem about love The best, most meaningful are synthesized and selected by us to our readers, hoping to bring you moments of relaxation and comfort together. Wish you have beautiful and happy love, beautiful and lasting friendship

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