Tài liệu bí mật nhà nước là gì? Danh mục tài liệu bí mật nhà nước?

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Join Le Hong Phong High School to find out what is a State secret document? List of State secret documents?

What are State Secret Documents?

State secrets are news about cases, documents, objects, places, times, and words with important contents in the fields of politics, national defense, security, foreign affairs, economy, science, etc. technology, other fields that the State has not announced or has not yet announced and, if disclosed, will cause harm to the State.

Information about an incident, document, data, location, object, or speech with important content in the fields of politics, national defense, security, economy, science and technology or other fields. other which the State has not yet announced or has not announced and, if disclosed, will cause harm to the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

State secrets are classified as top secret and classified according to lists prescribed by heads of central state agencies, chairmen of people’s committees of provinces and centrally run cities and equivalent levels.

Those who disclose state secrets or violate regulations on protection of state secrets, depending on the severity, will be administratively sanctioned or penalized.

Regulations on the list of State secret documents

The Law on State Secret Protection 2018 takes effect from July 1, 2020, replacing the Ordinance on State Secrets Protection, which defines: The scope of state secrets is limited to important information in the following areas. If it has not been made public, if it is revealed or lost, it may cause harm to the interests of the country and people. Specifically:

– Political information, including: guidelines and policies of the Party and State on domestic and foreign affairs; activities of the Central Committee, Politburo, Secretariat and leaders of the Party and State; strategies and projects on ethnicity and religion and ethnic and religious affairs related to national security protection, social order and safety assurance; information has a negative impact on the political, economic and social situation.

Information on national defense, security, and ciphers: strategies, plans, plans, activities for national defense, national defense, national security protection, social order and safety assurance ; particularly important programs, projects and schemes; organization and operation of the people’s armed forces and cipher forces; defense, security and cipher projects and objectives; weapons, equipment and means that decide the ability to defend the country, protect national security, and ensure social order and safety; cryptographic product of the weak muscle.

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– Information on the constitution, legislation, and justice: constitutional, legislative, supervisory and decision-making activities on important national issues; information about prosecution; investigation, exercise of the right to prosecution, supervision of judicial activities, trial and execution of criminal judgments.

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– Information on foreign affairs: strategies, plans and schemes for developing relations with foreign countries, international organizations or other subjects of international law; situation, plans, plans and external activities of Party and State agencies; information and agreements exchanged or signed between Vietnam and foreign countries, international organizations or other subjects of international law; confidential information transferred by foreign countries, international organizations or other subjects of international law under international treaties to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a signatory and relevant international agreements.

– Economic information: strategies, investment plans and national reserves to ensure national defense and security; bidding for national security protection; information on finance, budget, banking; plans and plans for money collection, exchange and issuance; sample design, print making, casting molds, printing technology, minting money and valuable papers; quantity and place of storage of precious metals, precious stones and other rare objects of the State…

– Information on natural resources and environment including water resources, environment, geology, minerals, hydrometeorology, land, sea, islands, surveying and cartography.

– Information on science and technology: inventions, new technologies serving national defense and security or having special significance for socio-economic development; information on atomic energy, radiation and nuclear safety related to national defense and security; special scientific and technological tasks, national-level scientific and technological tasks related to national defense and security.

– Information on education and training: exam questions, answers and information related to the organization of the national exam; information on people from the People’s Army, People’s Public Security, and Ciphers who are sent for training at home and abroad.

– Information on culture and sports: information on heritage, relics, antiquities and national treasures; methods and know-how to create, preserve and transmit intangible cultural heritage; methods and secrets of selecting coaches and athletes of high-achieving sports; measures and secrets to restore athletes’ health after training and competition; fighting in high-performance sports competitions.

– Information and communication field: strategy, plan, project on press development, publishing, printing, distribution, postal, telecommunications and Internet, radio frequency, information technology, technology information technology industry, network information security, electronics, radio and television, electronic information, news media, external information, information infrastructure and national information and communication infrastructure to serve the defense and security…

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– Health and population information: health protection information for senior leaders of the Party and State; newly discovered strains and varieties of microorganisms related to human health and life; specimens, genetic resources, and areas of cultivation of rare and precious medicinal herbs; production process of rare and precious pharmaceutical materials and biological drugs; information, documents, census data on population.

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– Information on organization and staff: strategies, plans, schemes on organizational work, officials of Party and State agencies, socio-political organizations; the process of preparing, deploying and implementing organizational and staffing work; information about the protection of internal politics; Exam questions and answers for leadership selection, management and recruitment, promotion of civil servants and public employees.

– Information on state audit: strategies, plans and schemes on state audit; audit information on public finance and public assets.

State secrets of the highest degree of secrecy: Related to politics, national defense, security, ciphers, foreign affairs, if exposed or lost, it may cause especially serious harm to the interests of the nation and nation;

State secrets Confidentiality: Related to politics, national defense, security, cipher, constitutional, legislative, judicial, foreign affairs, economy, natural resources and environment, science and technology, education education and training, culture, sports, information and communication, health, population, labor, society, organizations, officials, inspection, examination, supervision, handling of violations, solutions settlement of complaints and denunciations and anti-corruption and state audit, if disclosed or lost, may cause serious harm to the national interests.

Summary of lists of state secrets in various fields



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Date issued

Effective date


Decision 774/QD-TTg Inspection, settlement of complaints and denunciations and prevention of corruption




Decision 808/QD-TTg Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union

June 18, 2020



Decision 809/QD-TTg Education and training




Decision 872/QD-TTg Vietnam Veterans Association

June 19, 2020



Decision 960/QD-TTg Internal Affairs




Decision 969/QD-TTg Transportation




Decision 970/QD-TTg The People’s Court




Decision 971/QD-TTg Ethnic work




Decision 988/QD-TTg Agriculture and rural development




Decision 1178/QD-TTg Foreign affairs and international integration




Decision 1180/QD-TTg People’s Procuratorate of the Supreme




Decision 1192/QD-TTg Culture, sports

August 5, 2020

August 5, 2020


Decision 1222/QD-TTg Vietnam Women’s Union




Decision 1294/QD-TTg Science and technology




Decision 1295/QD-TTg Medical




Decision 1306/QD-TTg The National Assembly, an agency of the National Assembly, an agency of the National Assembly Standing Committee, the Secretary General of the National Assembly, the Office of the National Assembly and the National Assembly Delegation

August 26, 2020

August 26, 2020


Decision 1369/QD-TTg Industry and Commerce

September 3, 2020

September 3, 2020


Decision 1441/QD-TTg Planning, Investment and Statistics

September 23, 2020

September 23, 2020


Decision 1451/QD-TTg Labor and society

September 24, 2020

September 24, 2020


Decision 1494/QD-TTg Build




Decision 1660/QD-TTg Resources and environment

October 26, 2020

October 26, 2020

22 Decision 1663/QD-TTg State Audit October 26, 2020 October 26, 2020
23 Decision 1722/QD-TTg Party 03/11/2020 03/11/2020
24 Decision 1765/QD-TTg President, Office of the President 09/11/2020 09/11/2020
25 Decision 1923/QD-TTg Finance, budget 11/25/2020 11/25/2020
26 Decision 2182/QD-TTg Bank December 21, 2020 December 21, 2020
27 Decision 2238/QD-TTg Information and communication December 29, 2020 December 29, 2020
28 Decision 2288/QD-TTg Vietnam Trade Union December 31, 2020 December 31, 2020
29 Decision 39/QD-TTg Vietnam Farmers’ Association 12/01/2021 12/01/2021
30 Decision 211/QD-TTg Government, Prime Minister, Government Office February 17, 2021 February 17, 2021
thirty first Decision 277/QD-TTg Committees of the Vietnam Fatherland Front at all levels February 26, 2021 February 26, 2021
32 Decision 741/QD-TTg Legislation, judicial assistance, judicial administration, state compensation, international investment dispute settlement May 20, 2021 May 20, 2021
33 Decision 504/QD-TTg State Audit April 22, 2022 April 22, 2022
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