Năm 2025 là năm con gì? Tử vi 12 con giáp năm 2025

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Therefore, 2025 is the year of the Snake, which is the age of the snake.

What year is 2025?
What year is 2025?

What is the year 2025?

People born in 2025 will belong to the Fire par

Destiny is a concept to refer to the element of the five elements. The Five Elements are the synthesis of the important components of life. Including 5 elements or par are: Metal, Fire, Water, Wood, Earth.

In particular, people born in 2025 will belong to the Fire par, namely Phu Dang Hoa. This par will match the Earth par, the Moc par, and the Kim and Thuy par.

Phu Dang Hoa represents an oil lamp in the night. In the dark place where there is no light from the sun and moon, there is still the flame of an oil lamp to light up the space.

What color is the year 2025?

Feng shui colors for people with fire destiny

Color is also a very important factor affecting feng shui of each person.

For people born in 2025, the Rat of the Fire sign will be suitable for the following colors.

  • Suitable for colors belonging to the Fire element: orange, red, purple
  • Matches the color of the Wood element: green

In addition, there are some colors that are not associated with people born in 2025 such as:

  • Metallic colors: white, black, gray
  • Color of the Water element: blue

Which direction is 2025 in?

The direction of the house, the direction of the desk, the direction of the room positions in the house are extremely important in feng shui. These factors all have more or less influence on each person’s life and psychology. Therefore, in addition to finding out what 2025 is, what direction should you learn about 2025?

  • If you are a female in 2025, you should choose the directions North – Sinh Chi, South – Thien Y, Southeast – Phuc Vi, East – Dien Nien.
  • If you are south in 2025, you should choose the direction northeast – Sinh Qi, northwest – Dien Nien, west – Thien Y, southwest – Phuc Vi.

Choosing the direction in line with your destiny will help you receive more vitality, money, peace … more favorable in everything. Besides, you should also avoid the bad directions related to the Five Demons, Hoa Hoai, Luc Sat, and Absolute Men. If the positions have a bad direction, ask reputable feng shui masters to come up with appropriate solutions to neutralize them.

What age are people born in 2025 suitable for?

Age suitable for business

For convenience in business, the Year of the Snake 2025 can be combined with the following ages.

  • Score 9: Mau Than – 2028
  • Score 8: Nham Ngo – 2002; Quarter Mui – 2003; Canh Dan – 2010; Dinh Dau – 2017; Lunar New Year – 2018; Dinh Mui – 2027
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Age suitable for love

Choosing the age to marry is also very important, determining the happiness of the couple and the warmth in the family.

The ages that will be compatible with the Year of the Snake 2025 in terms of love are: Dinh Dau – 2017; At Ty – 2025.

What year is 2025, what destiny, what color, which direction?
What year is 2025, what destiny, what color, which direction?

Personality of people born in 2025

Each person will have a different personality depending on genetics, education, place of residence, communication… In which, the age of five also has an influence on a person’s personality.

For people born in the year of the Rat, the general personality is cheerful, calm and confident. Let’s learn about the personality by sex of the Year of the Snake 2025.

Female personality

The Rat woman is sensitive and flexible, they often recognize problems quickly. At work, this year’s female students tend to be dynamic and fierce.

The Rat woman will be a person who knows how to take care of herself and her family. They always try to achieve positive, beneficial things in life. I also always strive to be able to get out of my comfort zone and find new sides of myself.

Male personality

Nam At Ty 2025 will be a person with a cheerful and energetic personality. They are people with a clear and flexible mind and way of thinking. All problems for the male At Ty must be calculated according to logic and clarity.

Men born in the year 2025 of the Rat also have sympathy to create many solid relationships. Nam At Ty has an open heart, gives more and does not ask or compare too much.

What is the composite number of people born in 2025?

The numbers in life also have a lot of influence on life. Choosing the right number for age is a lot of people interested. The Year of the Snake is the Fire par, so it will fit some numbers as follows:

  • Matches the number 9 in the Fire par
  • Matches the number 3, the number 4 belongs to the Wood par

What age is the baby born in 2025 suitable for parents?

  • Judging from the celestial calendar, the children of the Rat will be very suitable for parents with Canh soup
  • According to the geographical location, the year of the Snake will be suitable for parents born in the year of the Rooster or the year of the Ox
  • In terms of the five elements, 2025 Mars will suit parents with Wood or Earth. Because according to the five elements of mutual birth, Wood gives birth to Fire and Fire gives birth to Earth.

However, the birth of a child that matches the age of parents will still depend on many other factors as well as other criteria in feng shui. And, children are often the fate of heaven, so “everything depends” and should not be forced.

Giving birth in 2025 should choose a good month?

  • Born in the 1st month of the lunar calendar (month of the year of the Tiger): In the first month of Spring, life has many uncertainties at a young age, everything will gradually stabilize and improve markedly at the age of 30.
  • Born in February (Month of the Rabbit): The month of the Lunar New Year, the luck has to be worked out, the difficulties coincide, the fortune is weak, although there is a will, there is a lack of determination.
  • Born in March (the month of the Dragon): Thanh Minh weather month, good luck, more intelligence than people, everything is successful, easy to set up a big business, vivacious personality, alert, the more you try, the higher the results will be. .
  • Born in April (Tan Ty month): In the first month of summer, luck is more than people, will, determination and ambition, good love, philanthropic actions, won the hearts of all people.
  • Born in May (Month of the Horse): Mang race month, noble luck, more intelligent than people, know how to take advantage of the opportunity to make great achievements, peace of mind for the rest of your life.
  • Born in June (the month of the Goat): The month of Little Trial period, good luck in all aspects, upright and kind temperament, easy to establish a great career by taking advantage of opportunities, fame, and fortune.
  • Born in July (the month of Giap Than): The first month of autumn, benevolent nature, business talent, management talent, and self-building career are respected by many people.
  • Born in August (the month of the Rooster): The month of revealing Bach, a benevolent nature, more intelligent than others, built a career that is respected by many people, and has a harmonious family.
  • Born in September (Month of the Dog): The month of Han reveals, his nature is honest, benevolent, in good fortune, his mind is willful, ambitious but determined, his career is difficult to succeed.
  • Born in October (Dinh Hoi month): The first month of the winter period, the nature is sincere, chivalrous, the mind is big, the career is average, the husband and wife are in harmony.
  • Born in November (the month of the Rat): Great snow month, introverted nature, unlucky fate, a lifetime of hardships, hardships, everything fails. Life is only leisurely in old age.
  • Born in December (month of the Ox): Little cold month, rigid nature, thinking what to say, causing a lot of heartbreak, bad fate, depression throughout life, difficult to establish a career.
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Feng shui items for people born in 2025

To bring a lot of convenience in everything of daily life, we can supplement by using feng shui items. Among them, feng shui stones are very popular today.

What year is 2025? It is the year of the snake, the year of the Snake, belonging to the Fire par. Therefore, people born in this year can choose from a number of items as follows:


Amethyst is one of the feng shui stones that is very attractive and makes an impression on many people.

If you want good health and mental stability, you can choose items from amethyst. This stone will bring positive feng shui meanings for health.

Jade stone

Jade stone has a very beautiful jade green color, which will be suitable for people with Fire par.

This stone will have the ability to bring luck, and help the user to avoid bad luck.

Jade will often be used as bracelets or pendants. The stone is aesthetically crafted to enhance the beauty of the user and bring good luck.

Jade stone brings good luck

Red brown tiger eyes

This is also a very popular feng shui stone. When using red-brown tiger’s eye stone, it will be able to support you in talent and promotion in work.

The stones can support your energy, balance the five elements. When you carry feng shui stones with you, you can feel more positive and love life.

Horoscope of 12 zodiac animals in 2025
Horoscope of 12 zodiac animals in 2025

Horoscope of 12 zodiac animals in 2025

Birth in year of Mouse

In the Year of the Snake (2025), people of the year of the Rat need to focus on business and doing business. The bad luck is intertwined, so it is difficult to avoid the phenomenon of breaking wealth. So you need to be very careful to deal with it. The health of people born in the year of the Rat is relatively stable.

Ox Age

In 2025, the fortune of Ox people is forecasted to have a great change. From there, the career of this age will also achieve high breakthroughs. The love of the Ox year in 2025 is relatively harmonious.

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Tiger Age

The year of the Tiger year 2025 of the people born in the year of the Tiger is quite volatile. At that time, the fortunes of people born in the year of the Tiger have many changes, which can lead to unpredictable and unstable changes. At that time, Tiger people need to pay attention to avoid bad things and absorb good things.

Age of the Rabbit

By 2025 – Rat year, the overall progress of the Rabbit age is relatively more stable. People born in the year of the Rabbit may have good news or weddings.

People born in the year of the Rabbit already have many talents, so just by working hard and accumulating, you can ensure a balance in both your material and spiritual life.

Dragon Age

Similar to the year of the Rabbit, 2025 is considered a year of relatively stable development for the Dragon people. You can achieve your desires with firm steps. However, care should be taken to avoid unnecessary arguments.

Year of the Snake

The general course of the Year of the Tiger will be relatively stable until 2025. At this stage, the Snake will have many new steps in developing its own career. During the year, the year of the Snake will also receive help from its own life partner.

Born in the year of the Horse

In 2025, people of the Horse year will always be proactive in their work, focus on doing business and have many noble fortunes in their career. At the same time, fortune and fortune will also have significant changes. However, more attention should be paid to health.

Age odor

The forecast of the Goat horoscope in 2025 is quite unstable and there may be declines but it will still be able to bounce back. Therefore, the year of the Goat needs to be very cautious in investment and business.

At the same time, you must always be vigilant and be very calm and alert to be able to easily deal with possible troubles.

Body Age

Year of the Monkey in 2025 may encounter disputes or conflicts at work. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when acting, pay attention to skillful speech to keep the peace and be wary of petty people.

Roster age

In 2025, the fortune of the Rooster is relatively happy after a period of being immersed in difficulties. If you try to strive, the Rooster can reap great results in his career. However, it is necessary to pay attention to health and vehicles.

Born in the year of Dog

The Dog in the previous year (2024) may be struggling with its problems or work, in 2025 there may be more luck. People born in the year of the Dog need to pay attention to avoid risks or small problems that may occur.

Year of the Pig

In 2025, the year of the Pig is forecasted to enter a stable period. At this time, your career will have great progress.

At the same time, the year of the Pig is supported by the nobles, so the fortune is abundant and the love is also more complete. This way, you can save a lot for the future.


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