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What is a new home offering?

First of all, we need to answer the question: what is the entrance ceremony? In Sino-Vietnamese words enter Trach is explained as follows: “Enter” means “to enter”, “Trach” means “home”. Thus, entering the house is entering the house, the new house entrance ceremony is roughly understood as the ceremony to move into a new house. In feng shui, the ancients explained that entering a new home is like registering a household registration with the god, Earth Dia is ruling the house. This is a traditional ritual that has been respected by our people for generations.

Depending on the homeowner in the city, countryside, new house, rented house, apartment building, etc., there will be different ways to organize a new house entrance ceremony. However, no matter where you are, the entrance ceremony needs to prepare all the offerings as well as the offering tray. After that, celebrate the entrance ceremony, enjoy the food with family, relatives and friends.

When you come home, what do you need to worship?  What to prepare for the ceremony?
When you come home, what do you need to worship? What to prepare for the ceremony?

The meaning of the offering tray to the new home

After buying and selling real estate, homeowners need to prepare to return to their new home to pray for peace. According to folk beliefs, the entrance ceremony, also known as the worshiping ceremony for the new home, is performed by the homeowner to report to the grandparents and grandparent that the house has been completed. Wishing the gods, grandparents and ancestors to bless the family with peace, peace, healthy children, full of fortune.

The worshiping ceremony is also a way for the owner of the house to see off the souls existing in the land where the owner is preparing to settle down for a long time. Eliminate the remaining evil spirits in the new house so as not to affect the people living. That is also the reason that the day of worship is paid attention to in preparing the altar, the ceremony to choose the date and time of the zodiac to move to the new house.

What do you need when coming home?

The offerings for the entrance ceremony consist of three main parts: five fruits, flowers, and food. Homeowners can divide them into 3 different small trays or display them all together into one large tray.

The important thing is the sincerity, not the value of the offerings on the altar. So depending on your financial conditions, you can prepare offerings for the ceremony.

  • Five fruits: the fruit offered to the new home should be selected from 5 delicious seasonal fruits. Homeowners can also add or subtract depending on the conditions of each house. Just a tray of fresh, eye-catching fruit offerings is fine.
  • Floral scent: the fresh flowers to choose from are pink, yellow chrysanthemum or lily (odd flower), 1 pair of candles, incense, votive paper, betel nut and 3 small jars used to store salt – rice – water.
  • The tray of rice offered to the new home: depending on the concept of worship, the homeowner can choose a vegetarian offering or a salty offering.
  • Vegetarian tray homeowners can prepare the following suggestions such as: stir-fried vegetables, tofu, sticky rice with beans, vegetarian vegetable soup, …
  • The tray of rice offering to enter the salty trach includes: 1 piece of boiled meat, 1 boiled shrimp, 1 boiled duck egg; You can add boiled chicken, roasted pork, sticky rice, porridge or other dishes according to the wishes of the family head.
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In addition, everyone also needs to prepare for the new home offering tray to add 3 cups of tea, 3 glasses of wine, and 3 cigarettes.

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What kind of ceremony do you need to buy for a new house to enter the house?
What kind of ceremony do you need to buy for a new house to enter the house?

Van vows to enter the new house

When moving to a new house, the ritual vows consist of two parts: the sacred vows and the ancestors’ vows In which, it is recommended to read the divine vows before reading the vows to the ancestors. The content of the vow should present the wishes of the owner. At the same time, ask for permission from the gods to move / move into a new house, move the altar to a new place.

Vows to the gods on the day of entry


Emperor Thien Hau Tho The Gods of God

Indigenous Days of the Gods of the Earth, Ban Gia Tao Quan and the Gods who rule in this Area.

Today is the date……month……

Our trustee is……

Currently residing at …….. Sincerely repair the incense, flowers, and offerings presented to the court, respectfully submit: Now our family has completed the project, has chosen a good day to move in, part of the fire, honoring the opening ceremony. We pray to the gods to allow us to bring the ancestors’ spirits here to worship to show our children’s filial piety. I pray that you sincerely prove it, so that we can have a peaceful family life from now on, have a good business, have a good heart, be happy, have a lot of money and be prosperous.

The faithful invites the fragrant spirits in this area, the souls of fallen soldiers, and the helpless and helpless souls around here to gather and enjoy the gifts. The faithful give thanks to the Huong Spirits for so long, who have supported the believer to start the construction smoothly, so far the construction has been completed, the believer asks you to continue to support the trustee from here to make a profit. The family is in harmony, the people are at peace, the disaster is reduced, the whole family is prosperous.

Vow to the ancestors on the day of entry

I bow to the heavens in the nine directions and the Buddhas in the ten directions

I respectfully bow to the Emperor, the Later Earth, and the gods

I bow to Ancestors, Hien Khoa, Hien Sister (if my parents are still alive, replace it with Ancestor, Ancestor), you and your family: ……………………..

Today is the day … month … year … lunar calendar

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Namo Amitabha Buddha! (3 times)

Vows should be read clearly and sincerely. Avoid the case of both praying and reminding or talking to people around.

Preparing for the ceremony to enter a new house

The first thing before the initiation ceremony is to light the brazier and place it in the middle of the main door. In order to save time, you can take advantage of the time before the truck carrying the goods and the offerings to go home, you come first and have the brazier on fire.

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When the truck has just arrived, you arrange the ritual offerings to enter the house neatly. You get everything ready to conduct the housewarming ceremony on time.

The homeowner, the breadwinner, will step through the brazier first. The man stepped in with his left foot first, then his right foot. With incense bowls in their hands, the next people carry the ancestral tablets and other important things on the altar.

The remaining members step through the brazier one by one. Note that all members must hold something lucky in their hands, not empty-handed.

When entering the house the first thing is to turn on all the lights and open all the doors and windows. Doing this helps you open the air, wake up the house.

Then send family members to rearrange the altar of ancestors, the altar of God of Wealth and Earth (if any) so that it is neat. Some other members proceeded to display an offering tray in the middle of the house. The offering ceremony tray is directed towards the age of the owner.

Turn on the stove to cook tea, so let the water boil on the stove for 5 to 7 minutes to brew. Tea is used for offerings and for family members to enjoy. Cooking this water implies fire, creating new life for the house.

The focus of the ceremony to enter a new home

Send a representative to burn incense and read the vows to enter the new home. The rest of the people stood behind the representative, clasping their hands solemnly in front of the offering tray.

Read the vows loud and clear, reading from the vows to the gods first and then to the ancestors.

After the vows are read, burn the votive paper until it is completely burned, then pour wine into the ashes.

People celebrate the festival and have a meal like any other normal ceremony.

3 jars of salt, rice, and water should be kept and placed on the altar, this is a symbol of fullness.

At this point, considering the entrance ceremony has been completed, you can bring all the furniture into the house and rearrange it as you like.

Other items to prepare

Offering to enter a new house, it is necessary to prepare items that everyone must carry such as: a new broom, a stove (do not use an electric stove because folk believe that an electric stove is pure but has no generals, that is, there is heat without fire) , rice, salt, wine, gold, money, etc. After preparing everything fully, the homeowner began to arrange the offerings on the offering tray, placed in the direction suitable for the owner’s par.

The host himself will light incense sticks, plug them into the incense bowl, and ask for permission to enter the temple. At the same time, ask the gods for permission to bring the spirits of the ancestors back to the new place of worship. After the end of the divine vow, the householder continues to make a report to invite the ancestors to their new home.

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Step 1: Burn the brazier and place it right at the entrance.

Step 2: Put the offerings on the tray, get everything ready to conduct the offering to move into the new house.

Step 3: The host is the one who walks through the brazier first (left foot first, right foot behind). The owner’s hand needs to carry a bowl of incense and an ancestral post.

Step 4: Other family members also step through the brazier in turn. All the members carried the prepared lucky items in their hands.

Step 5: The first thing when the homeowner enters the house is to turn on all the electricity and open all the doors ⇒ open the ventilation, wake up the house.

Step 6: In the meantime, the members should rearrange the altar of the ancestors, the altar of the god of wealth – the land. The rest of the members present a tray of offerings to the house in the middle of the house, facing the direction of the owner’s age.

Step 7: Representatives of the family light incense and recite vows, the rest should put their hands together solemnly and stand in one place.

Step 8: After conducting the vows, the host needs to turn on the stove and cook the tea. It is best to let the water boil for 5-7 minutes and use it to make tea. The brewing of this tea has the meaning of opening fire, creating vitality for the new house.

Step 9: Proceed to convert gold coins, pour wine on the ashes.

Step 10: Keep 3 jars of salt, rice and water to put on the altar of Tao Quan – symbolizing warmth and fullness.

Step 11: At the end of the ceremony, bring the offerings inside.

Preparing for the ceremony to enter a new house
Preparing for the ceremony to enter a new house

Note the taboo things to know when worshiping in a new house

Here are the opinions of our grandparents from the past to the present about what to keep in mind when preparing and worshiping to enter a new home:

  • Don’t miss a good hour to move in.
  • Do not move into a new home at night.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to clean the house.
  • The person with the tiger sign should also not perform the cleaning.
  • In the case the homeowner only took the good date of entering the house with the par age, but did not officially live right away. If so, it is necessary to spend the night in that new house.
  • No napping at the house.
  • Absolutely do not break during the move.
  • Arguing and quarreling on this big day is also not good.
  • Absolutely do not enter the new house empty-handed, nor bring objects such as old brooms, old stoves into the house,
  • Do not welcome guests into the house on the day of entry to avoid disturbing the ancestors. Only invite customers to housewarming, happy only.


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