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What is an offering?

The root offering, also known as the burning offering, is an important ritual after the ritual, in order to express the gratitude of the parents to the 12 midwives who have always supported, protected and protected the child. babies from the time they are in the womb until they are born. At the same time, this is a ceremony to pray for peace for the baby, to help avoid disasters, so that the baby is healthy and bright throughout the development process.

Unlike the custom of worshiping mothers, they are offered on full days, full months, and full years; The worshiping ceremony is held once every 3 years: at 3 years old, 6 years old, 9 years old and 12 years old. The ceremony of worshiping at the age of 12 will be considered as the ceremony of completely ending the body. Today, the spiritual concept is no longer as strong as before, but the custom of worshiping the roots is still performed and is considered a beauty in the culture, an opportunity to pray for peace and good luck for the child.

What is an offering?
What is an offering?

Introduction to the worshiping ceremony

Offering the 3, 6, 9, 12 year olds is one of the rituals for small children, similar to the full month and full year offerings. The worshiping ceremony for boys and girls when they just turned 3, 6, 9, and 12 years old brings many special spiritual and spiritual meanings. Along with the worshiping ceremony at the age of 3, 9 and 12 years old, these are all ancient customs left by our grandparents. It was an opportunity for parents and families to thank the 12 mothers who took care of and protected the child.

According to the spiritual concept, every child who comes to earth is created by the hands of 12 midwives and Gods. Each woman molded a part, making the shape of a child. In addition, mothers also support, protect and help children overcome the first difficulties of life. Therefore, for every important milestone of a child, mortals always remember the merits of the gods.

Although at this time, the baby’s age is quite mature and can withstand the surrounding conditions. However, children still need the protection of their parents and family. And many people believe that their children’s health and peace are thanks to the great merits of the mothers.

Folk beliefs about 12 midwives

Ancient legends recount that, after the universe was completed, the Jade Emperor used the remaining matter to create all things. Then he extracted the most quintessential things to mold a more elaborate and intelligent species, which is the human race. After shaping the human form, he entrusted 12 skillful goddesses. Folks call these 12 people 12 fairy princesses, or roughly 12 midwives.

According to folklore, 12 midwives are in charge of shaping the shape of a child, and teaching the child to cry and laugh when he is still red. The 12 midwives share one job each in childbirth, specifically as follows:

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– Mother Tran Tu Nuong in charge of giving birth (uncle)

– The mother of Van Tu Nuong is in charge of the pregnancy (the fetus)

– Lam Cuu Nuong’s mother is in charge of conception (pregnancy)

– Luu That Nuong’s mother is in charge of shaping male and female shapes for the baby (uncle and female)

– Lam Nhat Nuong’s mother is in charge of taking care of the fetus (pregnancy)

– Ly Dai Nuong’s mother is in charge of labor (rebirth)

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– The mother of Hua Dai Nuong is in charge of the flowering of pistils (midwifery)

– Madam Cao Tu Nuong is in charge of confinement (birth care)

– Madam Tang Ngu Nuong takes care of newborn babies (guarantee)

– Truc Ngu Nuong’s mother takes care of the babysitting (precious death)

In the concept of Vietnamese people, 12 midwives are one of the important images in shaping and protecting a child. Therefore, the worship of midwives is an important ritual, which is the worshiping ceremony.

What is the meaning of baby house offerings?

In addition, the worshiping ceremony for boys and girls at the age of 3,6,9,12 also brings many other meanings such as:

– Mark a turning point in life when the baby turns a new age

– Creating motivation and spiritual belief, contributing to making life more peaceful and joyful

Whether to worship or not depends on the beliefs and beliefs of each family. This is not mandatory, nor is there any specific proof. If some people choose to ignore it, only worshiping on the occasion of a full month or a full year, many places still prepare offerings and worship in the most thoughtful way.

When is the worship ceremony held?

According to custom, the ceremony of worshiping the roots of children is performed when the child turns 3 years old, then at the age of 6, then the child is 9 years old and finally when the child is full 12 years old.

Normally, the root offerings at the age of 3, 6 and 9 will be held equally large. Particularly, the ceremony of worshiping the house at the age of 12 must be held more solemnly, because this is considered a ceremony to end the house for the child, the last time of thanksgiving for the family with 12 midwives.

What does the offering tray include?
What does the tray of offerings include?

How to calculate the day of worship for the baby

His father’s concept of choosing the day of worship is summed up in the saying: “Girls go back two, boys go up one.” Accordingly, for girls, people often choose the date of worship to be 2 days back from the baby’s lunar birth date. Because according to the old concept, this shows the wish that the daughter will become a peaceful person, yielding in everything to keep peace in the family, it is a good thing for a daughter to always be soft and gentle.

As for boys, according to the above concept, parents should choose the date of worship one day earlier than the child’s lunar birth date. This shows the desire for his son to grow up strong, responsible, always taking the lead in everything and firmly to be able to be the breadwinner for the family.

However, today, the old concept of respecting men and disrespecting women has been eliminated. If parents do not want to distinguish between boys and girls, parents can choose a date that is suitable for their child’s age and destiny or their own to organize an offering for the baby.

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What kind of offerings do the baby food trays need?

The ceremony of worshiping the roots does not require elaborate and sophisticated offerings, but mainly in the sincerity of the person doing the ceremony. Therefore, the tray only needs traditional, cozy and decent offerings.

In addition, offerings are also influenced by regional culture, so the preparation of offerings varies from region to region. However, this does not affect the meaning of the offering ceremony. If you still do not know what to prepare, you can refer to the traditional tray of offerings and the following basic offerings. It is necessary to prepare two main worshiping trays, of which one is dedicated to 12 midwives and one is dedicated to the queen of pregnancy:

The offerings to 12 midwives include:

– Sticky rice or sticky rice with beans (divided into 12 equal parts)

– Tea (can be made water drifting tea, areca flower tea or green bean tea, divided into 12 equal parts. Black bean tea should be avoided)

– 12 plates of betel nut with phoenix wings

– Confectionery

– 1 tray of five fruits

– 1 vase of fresh flowers

– 12 sets of comedy and gold and silver banknotes

– Rice, salt, tea, water, incense, lamps, …

The tray of offerings to the pregnant queen includes:

– 1 whole boiled chicken, with phoenix wings

– 1 roast suckling pig

– 1 plate of sticky rice and 1 large bowl of tea (avoid making sticky rice, tea with black beans)

– 1 tray of five fruits

– 1 vase of fresh flowers

– 3 plates of betel nut with phoenix wings

– Gold and silver banknotes

– Tea, wine, water, incense, lamps, …

– Rice and salt

Note when choosing fresh flowers, you should choose branches with both buds and flowers to look harmonious and beautiful. Should choose flowers with bright, radiant colors and good meanings such as auspicious flowers, gerberas, yellow chrysanthemums, etc. In particular, avoid choosing flowers with white or dark colors.

For the five-fruit tray, you should choose sweet fruits, meaning good luck and peace, such as coconuts, mangoes, papayas, dragon fruit, bananas, apples, etc. Avoid choosing bitter-tasting, meaningful fruits. bad meaning. In particular, it is necessary to avoid choosing fruits with too strong a smell, which pollutes the altar. The five-fruit tray should be arranged according to the mutual laws of the five elements to look beautiful, harmonious and meaningful.

The most complete and customary steps to worship

After the preparation of the offerings, the family will conduct the worshiping ceremony. The steps need to be done in sequence, not overdone, but to put your heart in it. That way, the gods can manifest and protect the baby. Parents or elders come out to celebrate the ceremony with the following steps:

Step 1: Arrange the gifts in the right place. The ancestor worshiping tray will be placed on the main altar, the mother worshiping tray will be placed in the baby’s room

Step 2: The representative starts to light lamps or candles and incense in two places to make a house offering ceremony

Step 3: Next is to read the prepared vows. During the reading process, you must keep a serious attitude, do not joke or joke and be precise and clear

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Step 4: Wait until the incense is almost gone, grandparents or parents come to worship the ancestors, and then bring the votive paper to transform.

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Should the children’s offerings be large or small?

The day of worshiping at 3, 6, 9, and 12 years old is also the same as the baby’s birthday. Depending on family conditions, there are different preparations. Some families just make a simple offering tray with a birthday cake for the child. But many parents invite more friends of their children to come and organize a private party with more activities and fine dining.

If possible, the family should make a big party for the baby, marking a new turning point in the child’s life. It is also a memory to remember later, children will feel happier and happier.

Should the children's offerings be large or small?
Should the children’s offerings be large or small?

Changes when children are 3, 6, 9, 12

Children turning 3,6,9,12 years old is considered as the period between baby and adult. At this age, children begin to enter the primary school environment. Therefore, the baby will have certain changes in body and mind. Parents should monitor, listen and pay more attention to their children so that they do not have difficulties.

Children’s physical development

Children 3,6,9,12 years old, their muscle mass increases, their heart rate and breathing rate are almost the same as adults. This is also the time when baby teeth begin to fall out, making room for permanent teeth. In particular, parents should note that children are easy to have eye problems when they are 3,6,9,12 years old. If your baby’s vision is reduced, see a doctor immediately.

The weight of young children also changes constantly, usually they will gain weight. In case the baby does not gain weight evenly or too little, the family needs to supplement with nutrients.

Change in movement

Entering the developmental stage, the baby’s movements are more precise and intentional. Babies often do not want to sit still but often jump, climb or throw things. Children can also recognize the seasons, enjoy activities that involve arrangement. Some personal chores such as tying shoelaces, brushing teeth, washing face, etc. can all be done easily. Therefore, parents only need to teach the first few times, children quickly absorb and follow.

Change in language

One thing that is clear when turning 3, 6, 9, and 12 years old is that the baby begins to talk more, loves to tell jokes and puzzles. Children also keep optimistic beliefs with unexplained stories, identify right hand left hand. Babies have the ability to talk like adults, ask questions and get excited about what’s going on around them.

Change feelings

When children are unhappy, they will use affirmative language instead of angry or hitting. He even talks to himself in some situations and has mood swings towards family members. Children want and always seek praise, reassurance from their parents or lament about minor trauma so that people pay more attention to them.

The emotional side of the 3,6,9,12-year-old child has changed markedly compared to the previous one. Children are more aware of right and wrong, bad people and good people and are easily scared by the unknown in the dark. This is also the time when the baby becomes more sensitive, so parents and families must not be negligent in taking care of and educating the baby.


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