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In the article below, Soc Trang City High School will provide you with the necessary information about the idiom “Together against each other”.

What is back-to-back?

Together, fight well and the phrase “Common back to fight” both have the same meaning, which is to contribute and rely on each other to face common difficulties, to work together to cope with upcoming difficulties.

Solidarity is a cultural value |  Propaganda Magazine

Make a sentence with the word “Give back to fight”

  • The whole team together to fight to win
  • Working together will create extraordinary collective strength.
  • Together we will do extraordinary things
  • The whole country joins hands to fight together to overcome the difficult Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Together they fight back to overcome difficulties and hardships together.
  • In all the difficult trials, they fight together with each other.
  • Brothers and sisters work together.

What is idiom?

Idioms are widely used in words, daily voices, as well as “materials” for composing literary poetry. Please refer to the following section to understand more about the concept and function of idioms!

Definition of idioms

What is idiom?  What is a proverb?  Distinguish idioms and proverbs

Idioms are a type of phrase with a fixed structure, expressing a complete meaning.

The meaning of an idiom can be derived directly from the literal meaning of the words that make it up, but usually through some translation such as metaphor, comparison, etc.

Usually, the meaning of idioms is general, using images of things and events to speak metaphorically. A short idiom, if carefully analyzed, will yield many interpretations and have many meanings and lessons in it.

Good Vietnamese idioms are profound sayings drawn from year to year by our ancestors, which always contain profound lessons of great value.

Examples of idioms

Because idioms consist of phrases used to indicate a fixed idea, and usually do not form a complete grammatically complete sentence, idioms belong to language and cannot be replaced or modified linguistically. Here, we will take a look at some good, short and expressive idioms that are commonly used in everyday life.

  • Face powdered flowers.
  • Love like an egg, get excited like a flower.
  • Standing on this mountain looking at that mountain.
  • Heavy rain.
  • Good day, good month.

Good idioms about life

  1. Eat a bowl of porridge, run three distances.
    Just not worth doing, to achieve small things take too much effort.
  2. Deep fish pond.
    In deep ponds and wide seas, there are big fish. It means that you have to take risks, go out to society to learn something good, and hope to achieve great success.
  3. Diseases come from the mouth, disease from the mouth.
    It means that because the mouth eats bad things, they get sick, because the mouth talks bad, they bring disaster.
  4. You know, ghosts eat dinner.
    Just work, no one knows, who knows when the ghost eats.
  5. The buddhist temple is not sacred.
    It means how to use people, always look down on talented people next to them, praise people elsewhere.
  6. Better to be a servant of a wise man than a teacher of a fool.
    It is better to be misled by a wise person who knows that we may learn a lot of things than to have to teach a fool, like water pouring a duck’s head, wasting effort and effort is useless.
  7. Worried about gray beard, gray hair.
    Only the big worries make the appearance also emaciated.
  1. The long wrapped needle also has a day to come out.
    If you have done a bad deed no matter how much you hide it, you will be discovered one day.
  2. Big fish eats small fish.
    This is the law of nature, the stronger will prevail.
  3. Birth parents are accrued sky.
    The body is given by the parents, but the character of the parents cannot be determined.
  4. Nine people ten ideas. Each person has their own ideas, it’s difficult to give in and out.
  5. The child is spoiled by the mother, the child is spoiled by the grandmother.
    It means that the matter of teaching children not to be too indulgent is easily spoiled.
  6. New real is the religion.
    Whatever you do, you must have a full stomach, and must be carefully prepared to achieve good results.
  7. Teach monkeys to climb trees.
    Just redundant work.
  8. Blind cat with fried fish.
    Only luck, even though he couldn’t see the way, the cat still grabbed delicious food.
  9. Child unlike the tone just wing feathers.
    More or less, children and grandchildren will have similarities with grandparents and parents not only in appearance but also in personality.
  10. Go ask the old, go home and ask the young.
    If you want to know something on the road, ask an experienced elderly person; a child who can’t lie and want to know something at home should ask a child.
  11. Rich for you, to as wife.
    It means that friends and wives influence our success.
  12. Gather the wind into a storm.
    Collecting many small things will make a big one.
  13. Double-edged sword, mouth of a hundred shapes.
    It means that the sharp sword is not as sharp as the human tongue.
  14. His descendants are wiser than his grandfather.
    Young and immature people appear to be more understanding and wise than older people.
  15. Eggs are smarter than ducks.
    Similar to the above sentence, the egg has not yet hatched but has been asked to be smarter than a duck that has become a baby.
  16. Natural musk fragrance.
    If you are really talented and virtuous, people around you will see and evaluate yourself without having to knock the drums and gongs.
  17. The blade is sharper than the sword.
    A sharp sword doesn’t hurt as much as cynical words.
  18. Hau colt.
    Means young people who are aggressive, aggressive, and do not know their own strength.
  19. Fast paced.
    Only urgent, careless jobs often have errors.
  20. No three days of Tet, three months of summer hunger.
    Know how to regulate spending so that you don’t have to be poor.
  21. Easy to say, hard to do.
    Everyone can say it, but not everyone can do it.
  22. King lost to the village charter allows.
    Whether the king’s magic was done or not, no one knew, but the village’s custom was deeply ingrained in the blood, and the people were used to it, and could not help but do it.
  23. Generalless troops are like headless tigers.
    It means that an army, no matter how talented, without a leader is useless.
  24. Long-tailed cat cats compliment.
    Only those who are proud of themselves and think they hold an important position.
  25. Be on the side of the unicorn at the head.
    When being conceded, you want more, moreover, you don’t know enough.
  26. Empty vessels make most noise.
    Those who know nothing are often boastful, those who know are often silent.
  27. Percentages are not visible to the eye.
    Seeing it with your own eyes is more believable than just hearing it from someone else.
  28. Young depend on father, old depend on son.
    When they are young, their parents take care of them; when they are old, the children take care of and support their parents.
  29. Young bamboo is malleable.
    Children should be taught from an early age.
  30. Climb high fall hurt.
    Do not dream of what is out of reach, if you do not achieve it, you will regret and be disappointed.
  31. Looks like a picture.
    Don’t just look at a person’s appearance and rush to judge or judge them.
  32. No trouble, no hero.
    Only when something happens can we see who is the hero and who is the genius.
  33. A worm makes the soup pot.
    Just because of a bad element that affects and scandalizes many people in the same organization.
  34. The healed pig becomes a lame pig.
    Things are going to be normal, but when it comes to repair, it can be even worse.
  35. Standing on this mountain looking at that mountain.
    Only those who are not satisfied with the present.
  36. Count the crabs in the hole.
    Only those who only look at the surface and do not see the bottom. The crab catcher only counts the number of crabs that enter the hole and thinks that there will be all of them, but in reality there will be a loss, not necessarily all the crabs that have entered the hole.
  37. Curry and Pepper.
    A scheming, fierce person will have someone else with a higher hand to punish.
  38. One job will live, many jobs will die.
    It means that it is better to be good at something and specialize in it than to know everything but not know where it is.
  39. Sit down and eat a golden bowl.
    You don’t need to do anything, but you can still dress happily.
  40. He sticks beaten his back.
    You want to harm others, but you don’t expect yourself to be in trouble.
  41. Eat tit for tat.
    Only retaliation with actions similar to the way others play pranks on you.
  42. There is reciprocity to satisfy each other.
    To make everyone happy, don’t just always receive but give.
  43. Many teachers, many ghosts.
    Many instructors create many opinions, difficult to filter information leading to confusion.
  44. If you want to eat, go to the kitchen.
    It means that you have to work to eat.
  45. Any pot upside down.
    It means that talented people will meet talented people, and people who don’t try and play will meet people just like that. If you live in an environment, you will meet people in that environment.
  46. Lying in a blanket to know that there are lice.
    Outsiders, if they don’t live other people’s lives, will not know the inner turmoil, the outward appearance does not say anything.
  47. Sow the wind reap storm.
    If you do bad things, you will get retribution.
  48. Birds miss trees, I forget teachers.
    A person who betrays someone who is gracious to him is not as good as a bird.

Idioms about honesty

  1. Buddha mind bar.
    With his mouth he speaks all that is good, but in his heart and actions, he intends to harm others.
  2. Honey kills flies.
    Use sweet words, care to make others trust and love.
  3. Deep rivers also have detectors, people’s hearts are sinister who can measure the end.
    People’s hearts are unpredictable, no one can understand what other people think or plan.
  4. Buy name three thousand, sell name three dong.
    It means that it is very difficult to build a reputation and reputation, and it is very easy to bring a bad reputation.
  5. Go to the dealer and say no to plow and lie.
    Merchants lie, and farmers are honest and truthful.
  6. Filled and sold out.
    Trade lies, greed is not honest
  7. Do me now, beggar.
    In any situation, it is necessary to be straightforward, honest, and honest.
  8. Speak right away or left ear.
    Honestly dissapointed.
  9. Hungry for clean tear for flavor.
    Even if you are poor, you must keep your dignity and not do anything unclean.
  10. Eat right away, all good health.
    Being honest and upright will avoid bad habits.
  11. The city is in full bloom, everyone is coming.
    Doing business honestly and generously will keep credibility.
  12. Abdomen straight.
    Bodhisattva’s mouth, pickled chilli stomach.
  13. Go lie to your father, go home to lie to your uncle.
    Clever, not honest, not honest with people above.
  14. The foot is just the powder grain.
    Simple, honest, honest people.
  15. Eat full, say heartless.
    Speaking frankly, it’s easy to offend others.

Synthesize good idioms about couple’s love

  1. Married girls are like necklaces.
    It means that a woman’s unlucky fate, when she gets married, she has to feed, take care of, and depend on her husband for life.
  2. Two new hands clapped.
    It means that happiness cannot be built by one person, but must come from both sides working together and cultivating.
  3. Which chili is not hot chili, Which girl is not jealous of her husband.
    It means that a girl’s jealousy is common sense.
  4. Thuan husband and wife, slapping the East Sea is also dry.
    As long as you agree, no matter how difficult it is, you can do it.
  5. The boat follows the driver, the girl follows her husband.
    The status of a woman, even if she lives or dies, must be in love with her husband.
  6. Love each other love all the way, Hate each other hate all relatives.
    When I love, I like everything I see, but when I hate, I don’t like it when I breathe.
  7. Catch fish with both hands.
    Only those who are greedy will eventually lose it all.
  8. The source of love.
    The love of boys and girls is like a pool like a source.
  9. Yellow crushed stone.
    Unable to keep the vow, love fades or breaks.
  10. Price regardless of talent.
    A concept that values ​​love between couples, despite the disparity in money, rich and poor.
  11. In the life of three or seven husbands, as long as you can choose one heart, it’s better.
    Emphasize faithful love.
  12. The right fate is sticky like glue, The opposite fate is like a chiseled truss.
    There must be deep love for a married life to be firmly attached.
  13. Golden stone carving.
    Solid love, as deep as touching a stone, inscribed in gold (or touching a stone stele, etc.) cannot fade away.

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